Cage Match 2014 Minecraft Replay Final Round: Leia vs Leia

Two Minecraft noobs face off as Leia vs. Leia – who will triumph in the grand finale and will there be glass floors and shovels involved?

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Cloud City Intrigue in ‘Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: The Jewel of Yavin’

star_wars_edge_rpg_the_jewel_of_yavin-425611388448093dThe Jewel of Yavin is the second adventure for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars tabletop role-playing game, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and in many ways a total about-face from the first adventure Beyond the Rim.

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RIP Dungeons & Dragons Artist Dave Trampier: 1954 – 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.27.09 PM Slowly but surely, we’re losing the men and women who brought us Dungeons & Dragons. The game’s co-founders, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, passed away in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Now comes more sad news: Artist David Trampier died on the morning of March 24 at Helia Healthcare in Carbondale, Illinois. He was 59 years-old, and allegedly in poor health.

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Titanfall In Stores Today!

xbox-titanfallTitanfall is in stores today!

It is the game changer game — supposedly — for the Xbox One and gaming in general. Make the jump to watch my favorite commercial about the new game! Now where’d I put my Titan?!

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Dan Harmon’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Pitch

tumblr_mpt9zlgq7n1rai9pto1_500The What’s Trending video crew sat down for a few questions with Dan Harmon at the South by Southwest music and culture festival. Among the things that they asked him about was if he’d ever direct a Dungeons & Dragons movie. Harmon, best known for his work with the television series Community, his podcast Harmontown, and his Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty (I highly recommend it!), is a big fan of the game and has made numerous references to it throughout his comedy career. He also runs a regular game as part of his podcast. Here’s what he had to say:

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Travel To The Corellian Sector in Fantasy Flight Games’ ”Suns of Fortune’

I’ve raved about Fantasy Flight Games’ tabletop role-playing system Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (along with the company’s equally awesome miniature space combat line Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game) for months now, and if you’ve gotten a chance to play it then you’ll probably know why.

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Kickstarter: Pairs by Patrick Rothfuss

rothfuss-pairsI love card games.

So when a new game is set in one of my favorite fantasy worlds, I take notice. In this case, the world of the Kingkiller Chronicle. The game? Pairs!

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‘All Outta Bubblegum’ Is Your Perfect New Years Day Game

Bubblegum_ClassicIt’s New Years Day. Are you a little hungover but still want to take advantage of the day off and do a little gaming? Well, bucko, have I got a game for you: All Outta Bubblegum.

All Outta Bubblegum is a free, rules-lite tabletop role-playing that takes its title from a rather famous (and famously parodied) scene in John Carpenter’s science fiction action film They Live:

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